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Construction services


Having extensive technical experience in the field of housing, villas, commercial construction, real estate development, MOGAN GROUP provides turnkey construction services by working in strong cooperation with its business partners in projects that are developed in high quality and innovative concepts sensitive to human life in an integrated service understanding.

MOGAN GROUP possesses all the know-how and professional staff that can organize and produce all structures within the framework of reinforced concrete, heavy and light steel construction systems both in domestic and abroad. A to Z undertake turnkey construction of all the buildings. Our engineer and business-based company provides successful services in construction project management, management, construction, quality control and on-time delivery.

İnşaat yapı
(Construction management)

Yapı Bilgi Sistemi
Building Information
Modeling (BIM)

Maliyet Analizi
(Cost Estimating)

Zaman planlama
ve Yönetimi
(Scheduling and
Time management)

Tesis Değerlendirme
(Facility Assessments)

İş Sahibi

İnşa edilebilirlik incelemesi
(Constructability Reviews)
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