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Uninterruptible Power Supply


Why Use Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ?

A large part of the electrical load of industrial plants constitutes electric motors. If the electric motors do not work, the production can be stopped in the factories. In addition, it is necessary to protect the important electrical loads such as computer systems, medical devices, communication systems, surveillance and alarm systems or lighting systems and to provide spare energy.

Such loads are critical loads. Because, even if it is not so often in our country, the power cuts can come to the scene. In addition, there are high or low voltage, sudden voltage spikes and frequency changes in the electrical network of our country. In such cases, electrical systems need to be both protected and provided with backup power.

What is Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ?

Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS is an electronic device that protects systems powered by electricity from voltage fluctuations such as breakdowns, upsets, sudden changes, harmonics that may occur in the network, or by generating energy during an energy interruption.

Uninterruptible power supplies have two functions against systems powered by electricity. The first is to protect the system against adverse network conditions. The other is to provide the user with time in order to complete the emergency operations in the system by transferring energy to the system for a period of energy that it stores during the power uninterruption. In short, they feed the electrical systems and correct the abnormal situations in the network and clean and transfer the energy to the system.

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